Last month I attended the Language Show Live in Glasgow, Scotland. This event is normally held in London every October but this was the first year it was held in Scotland.

The two days were very enjoyable. IMG_4647The first day included the “Gaelic and Scots Language Festival” where I attended presentations about how Gaelic is being revived through schools, nurseries and various children’s clubs as well as adult classes in the community. It was really interesting to see the summer activities available to children such as sports, music and drama clubs where they also practise their Gaelic.

The Scots dialects are now being taught in schools and there are now many children’s books available in both Gaelic and Scots dialects. A lot of adult fiction has also been translated into Gaelic, including books by famous Scottish authors such as Ian Rankin. This  
Gaelic Book Shop has a large selection of these books. 

IMG_5310There were many stands selling language books at the show too. I bought this children’s book in Gaelic which comes with an audio file.

Many other languages were represented at the show. There were taster classes in various languages such as Gaelic, Norwegian, Italian, Polish, German, French, Italian, Russian and Arabic. I attended the Polish one and they made Polish pronunciation seem easier than I thought!

IMG_4683There was a careers section and a TEFL section with seminars throughout the two days. The Piazza hosted some great entertainment from some talented artists. I particularly enjoyed the Chinese songs and dances and I was able to practise some of my basic Mandarin at the Confucius Institute Stand. Mandarin is a key language for schools in Scotland and is now being taught in over 200 schools.

IMG_4643I am currently learning Gaelic on a distance course with Sabhal Mòr Ostaig who are based in the Isle of Skye. They had a Stand at the Language Show and I was able to speak to them about how to progress with my Gaelic studies. I was very happy to hear they offer a full degree course in Gaelic and it’s available by distance learning and taught via video conferencing.


After the show, I spent the evening in Glasgow eating dinner at the Russian Cafe and then I went to watch a play in Gaelic at the Tron Theatre . The play had a screen behind the actors with subtitles in English. There were lots of native Gaelic speakers at the theatre too.

Overall, a very enjoyable weekend and I hope to attend again next year.