As part of my summer project to learn some Neapolitan, I decided to write a short blog post about a recent family event in both Neapolitan and English.


‘A semmana passata, sò ghiuta a Scozia pe ‘a primma cummunione ‘e nepotema. E’ stato n’evento speciale pecche a bona parte d’a famiglia abbita luntàno da essa e accussì non stamme ‘nzième spisso.  IMG_4564

Sò arrivata ‘a notte primma e mi sò rimmasta ‘nt’all’albergo. ‘O juorno aroppo simme juti a chiesa pe ‘a ceremmònia. ‘A ceremmònia ha accumminciato a ll’undici. Aroppo ‘a ceremmònia, tutta ‘a famiglia è ghiuta ‘o ristorante e avimme mangiato ‘o pranzo ‘nzième.

Nepotema tene na passione p’e lengue straniere e aggio avuto parlà cu essa in spagnolo e cinese.

E’ stato ‘n juorno speciale pe ‘a famiglia nuostra e nepotema era assaje bella cu suja vesta jànca longa.



Last week, I went to Scotland for my niece’s first communion. It was a special event because the majority of the family live far away from her and therefore we are not together often. IMG_4524

I arrived the night before and I stayed in the hotel. The day after we went to the church for the ceremony. The ceremony began at 11 o’clock. After the ceremony, all the family went to the restaurant and we ate lunch together.

My niece has a passion for foreign languages and I had to speak to her in Spanish and Chinese.

It was a special day for our family and my niece was very beautiful in her long white dress.

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