16938701_729292817240317_1024030461144088787_nThis week marks the end of my 90 day challenge to learn enough Neapolitan to hold a conversation with a native speaker and make a video. I had already done a previous 90 day challenge to learn Sicilian so I was excited to find another tutor who could teach me Neapolitan on skype.

There were very little resources and we had to create our own verb lists from scratch. However, my knowledge of Italian meant that I was able to learn to speak quite quickly with very few resources. You can see the resources I used on here.

I also learned how to write in Neapolitan and you can read another blog post I wrote here in both Neapolitan and English about a family event with my little niece (an aspiring polyglot!).

I learned Neapolitan with a teacher called Marja on Italki.   I highly recommend this site for learning languages and you even get $10 credit towards lessons when you join!

Here is my video speaking in Napulitano after learning for 90 days.