This week was the end of my 90 day Welsh project. At the start I only knew a few odd phrases so I was almost a complete beginner. I had one or two 30 minute skype lessons per week on Italki throughout the three months. On Day 90, I made a 10 minute video with my Welsh teacher (link is at the bottom of this page).

During this time, I also made a trip to the lovely small town of Denbigh in North Wales to attend an intensive Saturday course suitable for my level at Popeth Cymraeg.

St Asaph Cathedral

They run intensive courses at weekends, over Easter and in summer for one week and they have courses to suit all levels. The fees are very reasonable as they receive funding from the Welsh government who plan to increase the number of Welsh speakers.  We had an excellent tutor there who was able to adapt materials for North/South Wales differences.

As I live fairly close to the Welsh border, I was able to drive to Denbigh in 90 minutes. On the way, I stopped at the village of St Asaph (Llanelwy in Welsh). I visited the 13th century cathedral there. Inside, there was something very special to see  – the first bible (New Testament) printed in Welsh from the year 1567!

The first New Testament in Welsh

It was translated from the Greek by the scholar William Salesbury. As well as that, they have another bible on display from the year 1620. You can read more about the history of St Asaph’s Cathedral here.

In Denbigh (Dinbych in Welsh), I took some time to visit the 13th century castle which stands on a hilltop overlooking the town, as well as the 13th century St Hilary’s Church Tower. The whole region is full of history, castles and other archaeological sites.

Denbigh Castle

As for materials during my challenge, I used the excellent Cwrs Mynediad which has an excellent textbook, smartphone app and YouTube channel. The course is based on the official Welsh exams and there are higher level books too. The intensive course at Popeth Cymraeg are also based on these courses.  The books have versions for North Wales and South Wales (my teacher is from South Wales so I learned that version).

St Hilary’s Tower, Denbigh

For self-study outside of my course, I also used Complete Welsh by Teach Yourself which comes with audio and explains grammar in a way that is clear to understand.

Click here to watch my video with my Italki tutor in Welsh with English subtitles.

  • Italki is the website where I find my tutors for my Skype lessons. You can register on this link here and after taking your first paid lesson, you will receive $10 of credits to use towards another lesson.



Cwrs Cymraeg yn Ninbych

Wythnos yma, es i i’r cwrs Cymraeg yn Ninbych am ddau ddiwrnod.

Es i yno yn y car. Ro’n i wedi blino ar ol gyrru. Fodd bynnag, dyw Dinbych ddim yn rhy bell. Mae castell gyda Dinbych.

Arhosais i mewn gwesty ar bwys y castell yn Rhuddlan. Roedd y castell yn fawr iawn a diddorol. Cymerais i llawer o luniau.

Roedd y cwrs yn dda iawn a roedd yr athrawes yn dda iawn. Roedd hi’n drefnus iawn. Roedd yna 5 person yn y dosbarth. Roedd yna digon o amser i siarad llawer o Gymraeg. Roedd y bobl eraill yn neis.

Mae Dinbych yn dre hyfryd. Mae yna siopiau neis a caffis neis. Dwi’n gallu ceisio siarad cymraeg yn y siopiau, ond dwi ddim yn deall llawer. Rhaid i mi ymarfer mwy.

Tro nesaf, mae yna dosbarth ym mis Hydref a dwi’n gallu ceisio yn y siopiau eto.

Bob amser dwi’n mynd i Gymru, dwi’n hoffi mynd i gastell. Mae yna llawer o hanes yng Nghymru.