#ClearTheList is a monthly goal setting community of language learners which is hosted by Shannon of Eurolinguiste  and Lindsay of Lindsay Does Languages.

Before we look at this month’s list of goals, let’s review what my goals were last month:

Goals for Last Month:

  • Continue with the Language Boost Russian Challenge until January and Egyptian Arabic revision lessons on Italki until March.  – Done!
  • I received a few language books for Christmas, especially in Russian. At the moment I am having combined Russian/Slovak lessons on Italki which is working very well for me. Before now, I only had a ‘survival’ level of Russian. I am hoping to complete A2 level by the end of the year. Russian is a very useful language for me because of the places I like travelling to. With Slovak, I’m further on than with Russian and I’m already halfway through the A2 coursebook.  – Ongoing!
  • Continuing to improve my best 7 languages with skype lessons on Italki.com (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, French, German and Afrikaans). I’d like to continue with Welsh but my teacher has recently left italki, so I will need to pause my studies until I find someone else.  – Ongoing and luckily I’ve found a new Welsh teacher!

Goals for This Month:

  • Attend a seminar in my local area with Dr John Gallagher who will present about how people learned languages in Early Modern England.
  • Attend another intensive Welsh day in Denbigh, Wales. The weather is very bad at the moment, let’s hope it improves by then.
  • IMG_1305Continuing with lessons in Egyptian Arabic (for my Egypt trip next month), Greek (for my May trip) and Russian for my July trip to Belarus. I probably won’t have time to progress with these languages after these trips and will therefore only work on them if I have any travel plans to the relevant countries.
  • I will be doing a live interview with Michele from @intrepidguide on Instagram on 14th Feb at 7pm UK time to discuss my upcoming Scots language course which will soon be released with Language Boost. Follow @intrepidguide on Instagram to get notified when the interview will take place.
  • Complete the weekly tasks on the Instagram Language Challenge ran by Lindsay Does Languages. This month is a special one dedicated to indigenous languages!
  • Continuing to maintain or improve my best 7 languages with skype lessons on Italki.com (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, French, German and Afrikaans), plus learning Slovak and Welsh. These are the ones I class as my ‘permanent’ languages.


Resources Used:

  • By far my favourite resource is Italki where I find my tutors for my Skype lessons. Some lessons can cost just $5 for 30 minutes. You can register on this link here and after taking your first paid lesson, you will receive $10 of credits to use towards another lesson.

    Magazine for Welsh Learners
  • For lots of languages, this series of puzzle books by Erik Zidowecki is excellent for building up your vocabulary and is available in many languages.
  • For the Catalan resources I use, please see this post about my Catalan language journey.
  • For the French resources I use, please see this post about my French language journey.
  • For Sicilian resources please see this post here.
  • For Napulitano/Neapolitan resources please see the comments in this post here.
  • For Welsh resources please see this post here.
  • For Old English I use the book “Learn Old English with Leofwin” and there is free audio for the book on this website.
  • German Grammar Exercises on this website where you can choose which topic to focus on.
  • Euronews is the main site I use to read and watch videos in my Latin languages.
  • Walter Presents is an online TV channel in the UK and US showing good quality drama in other languages with English subtitles. I am now also using Netflix for the same purpose.
  • For listening at intermediate/advanced level, there are podcasts available in many different languages on the site SBS Podcasts.