On July 1st, I will be helping to run the new Language Challenge for the Polyglot Conference which takes place this October in Japan. After the success of last year’s challenge, we’ve decided to run it again with more flexibility this time so we can reach more people. There will be exciting prizes involved too!

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The challenge will run from July 1st to September 30th and is open to anyone, not just people who will be attending the conference. To win prizes, you must participate in at least 2 out of the 3 months of the challenge and agree to make videos showing progress each month. You can choose to study any language you like. You can even choose a different language for each of the 3 months of the challenge.

As this is the UN Year of Indigenous Languages, we will be giving bonus points for anyone who completes a challenge in any of the languages on the UNESCO Endangered Languages List. That list along with full details of the challenge, how to join and FAQ can be found here on the Polyglot Conference website.

45019838_1724647117644120_7989902032678944768_nThe cost will be 25 Euros per month that you choose to participate. This will go towards the prize fund, so the more participants, the higher value of prizes! There will be a private Facebook group for participants with guidance throughout from myself and Richard Simcott. Winners will be announced at the Polyglot Conference (but you will still get your prize if you’re not there).

As for which language I will learn, I am still undecided! I’m thinking of Yoruba, or Urdu or maybe something totally different that I haven’t touched before.

If you’re worried about finding resources for lesser-known languages, we will try and help with that. I have completed 90 day challenges on lesser known languages before and made videos with native speakers. On each blog post about these challenges, I listed the resources I used, so if you are interested in any of these languages, I encourage you to take a look at my pages/videos about SicilianNapulitano , Scottish Gaelic , or Welsh . I also released a new course in Scots with Language Boost.

I hope you will join us and good luck with your language studies!