#ClearTheList is a monthly goal setting community of language learners which is hosted by Shannon of Eurolinguiste  and Lindsay of Lindsay Does Languages.

It’s a while since I wrote a #ClearTheList post because the last posts were about My Year In Review and about my Language Achievements of the Decade.

Language Goals For This Month

  • HIXI0503
    The Language Event will be in Edinburgh

    Firstly, I am co-organising the Edinburgh Language Event along with Richard Simcott and Gary McCann. The full programme and list of speakers is on the website. Our main theme will be the Languages of the Isles. We therefore have speakers to tell us all about Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Manx, Old English and Irish in addition to extras such as Ladino, languages in Britain during medieval times, 18th and 19th century language books, proven benefits of language learning and a Q&A panel on language learning methods. The event is sponsored by the Polyglot Conference, Teach Yourself, Michel Thomas and Institut Français d’Écosse.

  • I have been taking Welsh lessons on skype through Coleg Gwent. My lessons have been very enjoyable so far and I’ve just booked another 10 to complete the A2 book.
  • IMG_E7572
    Magazine for Welsh Learners

    On Italki.com, I am taking lessons in Russian temporarily just to complete A2 level and now I have also just started lessons in Serbian, which I intend to try and get to at least B1 because I have found enough audio and video resources (I struggled to find these for Slovak). I am also taking some occasional Greek lessons but my level is only A2 at the moment.

  • Continuing to maintain or improve my best 7 languages with one-to-one skype lessons on Italki.com (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, French, German and Afrikaans).


Travel this Month

  • I just returned from a trip to Athens which I will write about soon.
  • Shortly after the Language Event in Edinburgh, I will be travelling to Argentina for 2 weeks. I plan to visit Buenos Aires, Salta, Iguazu Falls and Uruguay! I will write about this on my return.


Resources Used:

  • By far my favourite resource is Italki where I find my tutors for my one-to-one Skype lessons. Some lessons can cost just $5 for 30 minutes. You can register on this link here and after taking your first paid lesson, you will receive $10 of credits to use towards another lesson.
  • For lots of languages, this series of puzzle books by Erik Zidowecki is excellent for building up your vocabulary and is available in many languages.
  • For the Catalan resources I use, please see this post about my Catalan language journey.
  • For the French resources I use, please see this post about my French language journey.
  • For Sicilian resources please see this post here.
  • For Napulitano/Neapolitan resources please see the comments in this post here.
  • For Welsh resources please see this post here.
  • For Old English I use the book “Learn Old English with Leofwin” and there is free audio for the book on this website.
  • German Grammar Exercises on this website where you can choose which topic to focus on.
  • Euronews is the main site I use to read and watch videos in my Latin languages.
  • Walter Presents is an online TV channel in the UK and US showing good quality drama in other languages with English subtitles. I am now also using Netflix for the same purpose.
  • For listening at intermediate/advanced level, there are podcasts available in many different languages on the site SBS Podcasts.